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Baron ES Vs. Ride Yukon Vs. Rome Flag
I've got BIG FEET. Ok not so big(11's), but enough to get stuck in that weird board selection at the shop. I've read countless reviews on these 3 boards and I'm wondering if anyone here has rode any one of these and what they thought.

Here you go my man. i rode a burton canyon one day with mission bindings and it was sick. think its the es now no? anyway. here is a clip of my classified ad when i was selling my yukon
this is a 2002 ride yukon 164cm with large burton cfx bindings.. 2002 as well.. this is a sick setup the baords insane ive had it in waist deep powder at whistler and blasted it off kickers and spun it in the superpipe.. its for wide feet. it has never chattered .. can handle any speed, believe me ive pushed it.

Anyway ... that board is nuts. i try not to buy burton when i can help it. so id vote for ride.. my new board now is a never summer legacy.. Mid Wide. and its like butter compared to that heavy ass stiff ass yukon.. haha seriously i liek this one alot more. but its a different ride
My Baby[Image: NSlegacy06.jpg]
Ok, rule out the Baron and the Yukon completely, they don't really stand up to the flag.

What kind of riding do you do? If you're into freeriding, I would suggest the Flag. If you're more into freestyle, I would suggest the Option Makinen (wide version), or if you like both, the NS Legacy would be great.
[Image: underminebanner.jpg]
I've also heard good things about the Atomic Terminal
[Image: 47b5d900b3127cce9340d05cafa700000016108AcuHDdm3bNE]
NS legacy is Siiiiick .. believe me.. i Loved my yukon and so did friends when they rode it.. and liek i said i pushed the shit out of it. but the NS Legacy .. i dunno man. was just sooo much easier and fun and still rode like a ****ing loonatic.. like butter baby... I love mine Smile I dont see anyone getting on that board and not being happy
My Baby[Image: NSlegacy06.jpg]

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