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Burton Custom
Anyone ever/currently ride a burton custom? if so what do you think of it?
I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegitarian.
#2 Wrote:Anyone ever/currently ride a burton custom? if so what do you think of it?
Ive posted this a bunch of times on here but I never tire of talking about it. A lot of people dont like burton gear for some reason but I dont know why. I think they make some of the best boards out there and the custom is one of their better boards. Ive ridden a 2001 Custom 164 and just got a 2004 Custom 162. It has great pop and holds an edge better than any board. A really great freestyle board and super fresh in the pow. A close second would be the ride timeless for pow.
Burton Custom is the gold standard of boards. I rode on one for many many years. From the original one in the summer of 1995...

Now I ride a Rome Anthem. It's like a Custom with an edge.

The Custom hasn't really been updated in a few years. Hopefully next year's has an updated style.

The Custom-X is also a sick board... but I go with the Anthem. Kicks butt in everything I've thrown at it (ok, so it's mediocre on rails, but the custom isn't the bomb on rails either).
is it a very durable board? i've read some reviews that said that the top-sheet scratchs easily
I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegitarian.
usual scratches... nothing is bombproof.

- i used to instruct and my custom's topsheet stood up to that. nothing beats a board like newbies running over it, all day/every day

more importantly the base is pretty durable and stands up to a decent amount.

the topsheet should be the least of your concerns.
or did you mean the anthem?

the anthem's topsheet is super durable.

and with the custom-x, i don't know... only rode it once or twice... don't own one of those.
I have a 2007 Burton Custom for sale if anyone is interested, you can check out for pics and info about the Custom
Burton did have a year where the top sheets scratched and chipped really bad (~99-2000). It's a pretty good all around board. As for edge hold, that one of the boards "weaknesses" or more accurately it's a design compromise. There are several boards with better edge hold, but they're stiffer and less forgiving than the Custom.

And they are very tough boards.

The one downside is that they use the 3d mounting system, which can cause difficulty when picking bindings. Obviously it's no big deal if you get Burton Bindings, but if you get non-Burton Bindings then you may have some problems. Some binding manufactures make a seperate Burton specific mounting disc (Technine for example), in which case you'll be fine but will have to spend a few extra dollars for the mounting disc. Other companies (ie Flow, Salomon, K2) have a universal mounting disc that accomodates both 3d and 4d disc patterns, but often times they aren't as good as 3d specific binding.
ive decided to go with the custom instead of the custom x. Ill let u know how it is, im gettin the 07 151

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