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Full Version: Official Sticker Box!!!
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~~~This is the official sticker thread! These sticker designs, made by loyal S2 members, are for you to print out and stick on your board, your car, your computer, your head, your girlfriend, your bathtub, and your mother's kithen cabinets~~~

-If anyone has any designs of their own for S2 stickers, put it in the other sticker thread or email them to me, and I'll add it to the hall of fame Wink

[Image: s22copy2ex.jpg]

[Image: s2brick3070vd.jpg]

[Image: s222copy0mq.jpg]

[Image: s23591ok.jpg]

[Image: s22594bb.jpg]

[Image: s2sticker3065iw.jpg]

[Image: s2sticker2063ub.jpg]

[Image: s2222copy6fd.jpg]
People! I have an idea! (uh oh)

Would any of you guys be interested in tshirts?? like buying one....duh.
hell yeah, if you would ship to the uk
[Image: withcopy9tf.jpg]

[Image: without8ul.jpg]
nitro852 Wrote:hell yeah, if you would ship to the uk

of course!

I'm going to see what I can do after I finish a couple school exams and get stuff straightened out here.
heck yeah!
I wouldn't buy it, but if I got it for free I might wear it, invariably bringing more members to the board and more potential consumers of your tshirts.
yeah dude advertise more there arnt enough members....pretty sparce....
I just noticed this thread. Did you get the chance to do some T-shirts SnoBordPrincess? I like the last sticker you had on your first post. I'd love to have that design on a t-shirt. That would rock.