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Full Version: New Work
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Nothing too great, just seeing what people think of what i did over the last hour

[Image: th_inflamesbwcopy.jpg]
[Image: th_lynncopy.jpg]
[Image: th_Grindcopy.jpg]
[Image: th_shotdowncopy.jpg]

What are these for... the first two look like club-promotion posters!

The only advice I can offer is to point out that on the first poster, the white writing is a little bit hard to read when it's over the lighter parts of the background... Now that I've pointed it out, however, I can't really think of an effective alternative... Possibly a shade of neutral gray like rgb 127,127,127 maybe.

Either that, or consider having the background in color, but very faded... Personally I think that would look the best.
you did that in one hour?? holy. that's impressive. you must just whip it up like anything.
I don't get it...