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Other than the Indy, which are the easiest and most natural grabs to attempt?

Also which are the easiest grabs to attempt while spinning 180 or 360, either FS or BS?

any tips on maintaining balance in the air, takeoffs, landings, etc. while attempting these would be appreciated as well.

basically i've been gotten FS/BS 180s, Indy's, and Shifties locked down on like 10'-15' tabletops. Haven't mustered up the cajones to try a 360 yet though. Just wondering what kinda stuff I should be trying to do next.
Generally for grabs, 180s and 360s I would not attempt them for the first time on a 10-15ft jump. I first landed a 360 off a 4-5ft kicker, 180s and grabs were even smaller. Learn how to land the tricks first then go big.

I find tail grabs are the easiest grabs, especially when spinning. I also think a tail grab on a nice slow rotating BS180 looks sick.
For a 180 + grab, you don't even a kicker at all. I do them all the time just going down the hill on flat (more or less) ground.

As for easy depends on your board. For example, last year I rode a (POS) Burton Bullet. For me, when I went off a kicker, it felt natural to do an indy. Now I have a Rome Machine, and it feels more natural to do a melon or a method. It depends on how heavy or how light your board is. But I would suggest giving one of those two a try. Methods are my favorite because if you get enough air and do it right, they look pretty cool.
The grab right behind the front foot is the easiest for me when just doing straight airs. Indys and methods when spinning. Nose grabs are pretty hard, but their fun.