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Full Version: Rome Solution Review
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I realize that since I've ridden many years of rentals and my Solution only once, I may not be the most qualified to give a very detailed review for you advanced riders out there. But in any event, this is what I've gathered in one day of slushy, 60 degree riding in the Poconos...

I love this board. Riding rentals and then riding this was like night and day. That's obvious, right? Not so much for first. Since I've been boarding once a year for about 6 years (even skipped a yearor two maybe), the rentals were always pretty easy to ride, even with long periods of time between my boarding trips. And since I always listed myself as a "beginner", they always gave me shorter boards, making it even easier. Although easy to carve with, anytime I would gain speed, the board would start to shake under my feet...not really instilling confidence in me. When there was ice, the board would skid and skid until finally hitting normal snow. In terms of snowboarding experience, that is all I know.

And then I rode my new Rome Solution. At first I was on the bunny slope, teaching my gf how to board. My first time down, at once I felt the difference. It wasn't as easy to turn, even on the bunny hill. Each turn felt like a chore. What was once a subtle shift to my heelside was not a forced jerk onto my heel. It almost felt like I was regressing...feeling uneasy doing my turns, unsure of where the board was going. To be honest I was a little worried. Did I spend all this money on a setup just to feel like a beginner again? Fortunately for me, I was able to get used to the board after a couple runs and was carving with ease in no time.

My first time at the top of the mountain (yeah, I left my gf on the bunny slope ha...but this was her second time boarding and already competant on the bunny slope) was really where night turned into day. Now used to the feel of the board, I was eager to take it up a notch and ride at higher speeds and make sharper turns...and this board was able to do all that and then some. At first I was hesitant to go fast because I remembered the times with the rentals that speed = bouncey board = fear. Not so with this board. The more I pushed her, the more she held her composure, the more confidence I had, and the faster we went. All the wobble/bouncing was replaced with clean sharp turns. Wherever I wanted her to go, she held my hand and led the way. Even at the end of the day when all the trails were all choppy with ruts, she still held her own. It was really a joy to ride.

This board seemed to be very forgiving as well. I took it into the terrain park for some jumps. Since I just started doing jumps, my landings are still very shaky. But for the most part I was able to recover and adjust the board quickly to avoid wiping out (but of course I still wiped out sometimes). When I went down a black diamond trail (talk about giving me confidence!), the bumps and moguls knocked me around a bit but again, I was always able to recover with a jerk of the board to regain composure.

At the end of an exhausting day of non-stop boarding, I couldn't have been more satisfied with my choice of snowboard. There wasn't even a scratch on the topside of the board...what else could I have asked for?

So if you are someone like me who's an advanced-beginner/intermediate rider and are finally thinking of purchasing a board for yourself, the Rome Solution should definitely be a board to consider. It's a board that will force you to step up your skill level just a notch and once you do, it'll take you even further.