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Full Version: Electronica!
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Anyone here an avid EDM fan? I love it, especially trance + hard trance, hard dance, hardcore/speedcore/doomcore, drum n' bass and eurobeat (and some gabber for added fun Big Grin ).

Favorites in trance would be (DJ) Tiesto (I really liked Nyana's "Indoor" CD), DJ Kristoff (Looking forward to Night Addix 6), Dumonde (OMG TRANCEMISSION ANTHEM EVOLUTION CD IS SO GOOD!!! IF ANYONE CAN HOOK ME UP WITH THIS CD PLEASE PM/EMAIL ME!!!), Astral Projection, Solar Stone, Matt Darey, Sonorous, and too much more to list.

Don't know much about the artists of hard dance but that it's awesome to listen to, I particularily liked the Smash NRG CD's.

Ah, I love the more serious hardcore, speedcore, and doomcore. That happy hardcore is alright but I can't listen to it for too long, it gets somewhat irritating. I enjoy DJ Sharp'nel's stuff for speedcore (he's Japanese I think).

Drum n' bass is just fun to listen to, good for shredding soundtracks.

SUPER EUROBEAT!!! So energizing and catchy, with over 160 CD's out. Big Grin

And Gabber just because it's funny, lol. is a good place to sample a lot of this stuff.

I love to get DJ mixes of trance and take that with me driving to the mountains. It feels so nice and energizing when you're staring at the majestic rockies, ready to go shredding.
I like Electronica. Dj tiesto is real good also dj icey. House music is cool too, like Bad Boy Bill.
my sister loves all that stuff. it's great for long car rides.