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Full Version: 360 Frontflip On Trampoline
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now that snowboarding season is over, i have been spending alot of my free time on my trampoline, does anyone know how to properly do a 360 frontflip? whenever i do it, i land hard on my back or stomache, and dont have enough time to land, cause i use all the air twisting around
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Idk, I can do them, but never really had problems with em. When I flip, I instead of looking through my legs, I look towards my left hip bone, and follow that all the way around.

I don't know if its technically a 360 frontflip, it could be something else, but I've been told it looks sweet.

good luck, trampolines are fun. I wish I had one.Sad
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thanks for the advice, i just practised them for 2 hrs and now i can do them half the time, still getting better
Kind of an old topic but if anyone is still interested... I have practiced flips and the such flatland.

When attempting flips and spins, the biggest thign to do is stall the flip. It feels counterintuitive, but if you start flipping too early, your center of gravity will plummet and you'll consequently fall to the ground.

You have to jump high up then near the peak start rotating by tucking hard and pulling in so you spin real quick. It's all about getting your center of gravity as high as possible before initiating the tuck.