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Full Version: help a brotha METHOD
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Can any one explain to me the right way to do a method. Everytime i see it i think it looks so sweet, but now i cant find any video showing the trick. thanks
bump from like 8 months ago lol
There is nothing to it really, you know what it looks like so just try it until you get it. A good advice: do it on a jump that gets you enough air time so you really have the time to stretch your body and style it out.
front hand behind forward binding and pull back so the board is behind you... your body makes a u shape

[Image: method1000.jpg]
awesome. left hand behind left binding and pull up. thanks bro's
Yea im in agreement with the others, find a hit that will give
you what you need for hangtime so you can put some style on
Then after you do that pull a backflip while doing a method, cause
that is 1) sweet looking and 2) fun to do.
Good luck with it though