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Full Version: The Ski Train!!
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Here's something I wish I knew about sooner (though I suppose I don't know why)...

The Ski Train!!

Apparently, there is a train which departs Denver at 7:15am, and arrives at Winter Park by 9:30am. Supposedly, you get dropped off closer to the lifts than you can even park! Then, at 4:15pm (lifts stop at 4), the train heads back into Denver, dropping you off at 6:30pm, right back where you began - not far from my new home.

I've never been to Winter Park, but it looks cool, and for the prospect of not driving, well, damn. Sign me up!

Actually, I am "signed up". We booked two tickets for this Sunday. $104 each, round trip, including lift tickets. Now, when you consider that lift tickets cost $86, that's a pretty darn good deal. Woo! Big Grin
I'm not sure how many people bother reading these posts in the Regional section, but the Ski Train is awesome. If you're ever in Denver, I recommend it. You really do get dropped off right at the lift, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, Winter Park is not as fun as Copper Mountain, but you get what you drive to, I guess. Wink
Copper kicks Winter Park's Arse. If you go to Winter Park - immediately head over to Mary Jane, which is a much better mountain. Just be careful to stay off the long bump runs at Mary Jane.
No doubt, Copper is way better than Winter Park. So far, of the only 4 mountains I've been to in Colorado, Winter Park is easily my least favorite. Nevertheless, it was still fun - just not AS fun as elsewhere - and we didn't have to drive, which is something so great it's hard to quantify.

That said, we did carpool to Vail last weekend, and carpooling certainly alleviates some of the pain that is I-70. And as for Vail... well, wow. That was just awesome!
Yeah Vail is the size of 2 huge resorts crammed into one. It takes all morning just to get to the back-back bowls. If you have chance ride across Poppy Meadows or Poppy Fields. Not many people go back there, but you can spot fox, squirrels, weasels and other miscellanous wildlife back there in the spring. You will have to decend a steep moguled out tree run to get back to the lift, but it's worth it.
Which resorts would you recommend for someone who has never been to Colorado.

I've heard that Breckenridge can be very crowded.