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Full Version: Re: Boots
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Stuart Chan

On 30/03/08 5:01 PM, in article
[email protected], "Mike M. Miskulin"
<[email protected]> wrote:
> Yeah I'm still riding my old Northwaves.. 5 1/2 seaons and
> around 250-300 days. Last year I got a couple of recs
> for Burton Driver-X and Vans/32 BOA style boots. Its sale
> time of the year now so I'm ready to look but I'm a little
> concerned with some comments I've read about the Driver-X
> being poorly made. With the ever increasing season pass I
> really don't want to be dumping dough on boots again in
> two seasons so seeking comments on how well any of those
> boots have held up for you. Hopefully you have around
> 100 days on them.
> Cheers
> Mike[/color]

Not a big fan of BOA because I can't customize tightness on the boot (I like
it tighter around the calf and looser in the foot). I love my 32's (TM-1)
from 3 years ago and they're still riding strong.


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