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Full Version: Re: Snowboard gouge repair
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Neil Gendzwill

Alex Lau wrote:[color=blue]
> Hi,
> I have an older K2 Snowboard with a few gouges on the bottom, nothing
> too deep. Would it be possible to wet sand the entire base, fill the
> gouges with 2-ton epoxy and resand. I would then respray with some
> automotive paints and clear coats then hot wax. The only reason I
> would use automotive paints and epoxy is cause thats what I have on
> hand. I really don't care about the design on the bottom, so I
> thought this would be a good solution and would be free.[/color]

If I understand you correctly, you want to fix the bottom, that is the
running surface? You don't want to use paint. You just want to patch
the holes with the same type of plastic used in the base, called p-tex.

Clean the base of any old wax using a citrus-based cleaner. Then you
can use either p-tex candles or p-tex repair sticks to fill the holes.
The repair sticks work better but you need a wide-tipped soldering iron
to melt them in. After you've filled the holes, shave off the excess
with a razor-blade scraper, then sand flush. Apply wax, ready to rock.

P-tex candles or sticks are available for cheap from any ski shop. Here
in Canada you can find them at Canadian Tire.

I'm sure if you googled "ski base repair" or something like that you
could find a good step by step guide. It's pretty easy.