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Full Version: First time on a board, wish me luck....
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I've been lurking here a little while and reading the archives <waves to
familiar faces>.

I'm off to Mammoth, CA on Thursday. Have a full day lesson booked on
Friday and some friends to provide encouragement/laughter on Saturday.

Can't wait to give it a whirl.

Any newbie tips received with thanks.


Neil Gendzwill

doetnietcomputeren wrote:[color=blue]
> Any newbie tips received with thanks.[/color]

I can only quote the classics: "Go that way. Very, very fast. If
something gets in your way, turn."

Seriously, you're already doing the right thing by taking a lesson.
That will get you headed in the right direction technically more than
any typed advice ever will.

Just from a practical standpoint, make sure you have some good pants and
gloves. You will spend a lot of time as a newb on either your ass or
your knees and pushing your self up off the snow with your hands.
Avoiding getting wet will make your day a lot more comfortable.

Have fun!