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Full Version: We had snow today :)
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Only for five minutes but still Cool
we've had snow all half a day of freezing rain(it was crazy) and its supposed to snow till next wed. Big Grin
we've been gettin some off and on in town.But our hill has gotten 35 inches of fresh new pow in the last 4 days. And will still be dropping some more up there for the next 2 days.As fas the predictions go.

This is our first decent snow in around three years. It did fall quite heavily mind.
SteveWhite Wrote:Sad

This is our first decent snow in around three years. It did fall quite heavily mind.
wow that must suck a lil'
someloser*rider Wrote:wow that must suck a lil'

Not really, I'm too old to play in the snow anyway.
Snowed a foot and they still make me go to work!!!! Never get a real job! Stay In School Forever!!!!!
That's a nice avatar, from fight club right?
E-roc Wrote:That's a nice avatar, from fight club right?

yeah, great movie!
Snow today in the Okanogan in BC BIG flakes cause its only like -5 degrees Celsius... just comin down like madd... blizzard. an im hurt Sad *sniffle* i can't ride any pow pow. Sad
man it sucked on our hill today.....was heading up there around 11 this morning and about half way up it was snowing lightly (looked liked we were in for some fresh pow).By the time I was heading into the building it was coming down pretty good and the wind picked up. After I got my stuff on and was heading out to work on my jumps, the lifts were down. Sad They had shut down for the day......*hit....not even one run. :mad: Try tomorrow I guess.We should get a good 10-15 inches of fresh stuff up there so it will be all good. Anyone else out still gettin some good snow?
We had a half day (got let out early) on tuesday and no school (snow day) on wednesday. So far, we have not had 1 full week this year. Either due to snowday or holidays.
Yeah I guess some storm came over from the US or something. It snowed for about an hour and a half on Wednesday- whoopee. I really miss the 3 foot dumps in Colorado- Winter in the UK sucks.
been snowing pretty much all day today....but just lightly.Some of our runs on Sunday had pow almost up to my waist (almost got stuck too....that would have sucked Sad ). That was the softest stuff I have ever went thru. Just to much is everyone else getting on their hill? Since its my first season, I don't really know what is considered good amounts. Our hill's website says we have 149 inches on the bottom and 173 on the top.
hey all....people still gettin any snow? Was nice on our hill today with a light snow off and on. 7:45 pm here and it almost looks like a swarm of locusts comin down. Never thought it would be snowin this good again. Big Grin Night boardin tomorrow Big Grin . Gettin some good pow over there vossman?
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