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You must be young. The ocean is quite large my friend. Once you brush yourself off and recover, you will be that much stronger.

chrisman242 Wrote:heh Sad man my girlfriend picked the best time to break up with me. (this morning) i just dunno what to do. Sad i really love this girl Sad
I remember when I was 19 and my boyfriend of three years cheated on me - I didn't want to date anyone until two years later. Hopefully you'll recover faster - it's a cliche, but time really does heal all wounds. Try to focus on other things like school and boarding to keep your mind off it, and try to resist doing anything pathetic like begging her to take you back - you'll regret it. Take care.
yes, you'll eventually recover...for now just chill out and do the stuff you love to do, keep your mind off it.
shit happens
women. can't live with them. can't live without them.
When you think about it the majority of people in high school/ college relationships don't last or ever get married. Not to sound sleazy but being young is about having fun and dating find out what characteristics you like in a partner. I spent all college in 2 diffrent relationships, biggest regret ever! But the best advice has been given: don't lower yourself and try to get her back...(what's kind of freaky is as I type this MTV is playing some video/song by some R&B guy and the title is.."F*** You I dont want you back!")
I think if she really loves you she's not going to be breaking up over family troubles or school. you guys should be together through tough times, not pull away and come back when it's all over, that's not right and it isn't very fair to you. I'm not there so I don't know the whole deal, but I don't think it's right for her to break up but then kinda sorta say she'll get back to you like you're an afterthought, it's just not right.
that's just so tough....things like that shouldn't be allowed to happen Sad
I've had times when the whole world seemed to be crashing down, I was so confused. I had to learn to just accept some things, it helps to talk to a friend...I'm lucky to have a best friend who'll sit and listen to all my problems and help me figure things out.