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Full Version: List of Previously Submitted Tricks
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The Backwards Barrel Roll

Submitter:Bubba Blake
1. Approach the jump with good speed.
2. Make sure the jump gives enough height for the flip.
3. Hit the center of the jump.
4. Throw arms back and legs over your head, arching your back.
5. Spot your landing
6. Stick it and ride away like you do em all the time. This is a sweeet and rad trick. Throw in a roast beef grab for some style when you get good.

The Snowboard Kick Flip

Submitter:Brian O'Dale
You must have step in binings. You also have to have a very high jump.
1. Jump as high as you can
2. 1/4 the way up you disconnect yourself
3. Kick the board
4. Catch it, snap back in

The Rising Sun

Submitter:Kevin Snyder
When you hit the jump you double grab the middle of the board holding the board right up against your cheast and flip back twice. This trick is called Rising Sun after the man who made the trick, Sun Choi comin out of VanCity

The X-Grab

This is just some thing that might already be made.
1. Get a medium jump and the speed doesent really matter
2. In the air grab next to your front foot with your back hand then grab next to your back foot with your hand while still holding your other hand on or vise-versa
3. Plant a clean landing

Tips on Backflip-mysti flip

Submitter:Nick Mardesac
When doing a backflip-mysti flip always look at the angle and lip of the jump/cliff always plan a landing in the exact place you want to land when doing a backflip make sure your comming off the jump/cliff strait and not on an angle, angles are only used in this situation if doing a mysti flip. After you get your speed make sure you jump and kick your legs from under you so that your facing the snow in the air, after your looking at the snow all you have to do is find that landing spot and your done...this is so much easier then even a 360/spin in the air trust me i know....mysti flip is almost the same but just make sure your comming at an angle

The Vortex

This trick is called the Vortex. It's a very hard trick, but if you practice at it enough you'll stick it! When you're going off of the jump, try to get as much air as possible. Reach your hands behind you and grab your board behind your heels. While your grabbing the board, do a backflip like you would do when you were walking. Make it so that the people in front of you see a hole while you are spinning. Make sure that your head is thrown back like you are an unfilled circle. The audience will say that this trick looks cool! Trust me.

The Circumcised Boner

This is a grab that was sort of allready invented but I added something to it and renamed it. I read in a magazine that a grab with your back hand through your legs and grabbing the back edge is called a circumcision. I figure that if you bone (straighten) out your legs while doing this grab it could be named "The Circumcised Boner".

The Briefcase

Submitter:Mike Cunningham
1. Find a good size jump
2. Hit The jump anywhere on the face.
3. do a method but instead of grabing your front side edge grab you back sid edge by reaching all the way aroun teh bottom of the board.
4. You might end up horazontal in the air so you might want to let go a little early to make time to strighten up.
5. Stick the landing and ride away smoothly.

The Boarder 5-0

Submitter:Lego Chrisy
1.Get a friend to board with.
2.Find a big jump.
3.Catch some big air(If its not big it won't work)
4.One person does a frontflip and one does a backflip
5.Both of you end up face to face
6.Spot your landing and make a clean landing

The Stiffy

1.u jes grab the board between your feet wit either hand and stick yer legs straight in front of you. its simple

The Matrix

Submiter: Gerry Pass
This Is A Extremely Hard Trick, Only For Experts!...
1. Get a TON of air. So just in case you mess up.
2. Kinda break in your back knee while keeping your front straight (thus making you lean back a lot).
3. Arch your back and put your hands behind your back.
4. With your hands, grab the tail and either go back up, or do a flip. I suggest a flip if possible.
5. Go back to normal position, land it.

The Nose Grab

Submiter: Dino
1. First start out on a large jump.
2. As you are in the air grab your nose. (not on the board but on your face)
3. Practice hard and you will achive this trick.

The Seatbelt

Submiter: TNickels
This is a lot like an Indy. Get some air, with your front hand grab the back toe side of you board just behind your back binding, and pull up a little on the back of you board with the nose of you board slightly down and the back of the board slight up.

The Swiss Miss

Submiter: Adam Bunker
Not too long ago i invented the "Swiss Miss". The trick isn't so much complicated as it is to find a big enough jump and have a decent landing. The trick itself is a backside 900 Misty mute grab. Basically all you do is approach your jump with a good bit of speed, then right as you go off, kick your legs out from under you. Now you should for like a split second be facing the snow. Then grab your board between your legs(mute grab). Now comes the hard part: look over your left shoulder shoulder and start rotating s fast as you can. but not too hard because you don't wan't to flail. use the grab to balance your control. now as you come back around to your starting position just keep rotating. If done correctly, you should begin to level out at about 540 degrees through the rotation. now just keep spinning until your about to land and release your board. now just spot your landing(quickly!) and stomp it. n! ow its seems difficult but it helps if you have access to a trampoline. there you can practice it until you can do it in your sleep. at least that's what i had to do.

The Nosegrab Invert

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
1. Find a good jump. You'll need plenty of air for this.
2. Hit the jump and do a Nosegrab with both hands.
3. Bend your knees even more and wrap your arms around the board, giving it a big hug
4. Kick the board down and land.

The NoseFlip Side

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
1. Get a good jump.
2. Jump off the ramp and do a backside 180.
3. Do a back/frontflip.
4. Finally do a frontside 180.
5. Land it and ride off.

The Insufferable Boob

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
To do the insufferable boob you need to find a big jump. Just before you are about to jump, turn your board sideways and trip over the jump. The trick looks different every time. But if you land it you will be worshiped. If not, your friends will have a damn good laugh.

The Tailside

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
To do this trick you need good spin and grip. Find a good jump. Go off at good speed and grab the tail. Bring the tail out in front of you, then back, still holding it. Yous should be facing forwards the entire time. Mix this is with a spin and show off.

The Fried Steak

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
This trick is like a Roast Beef but more extreme. Get some good air and do a Roast Beef. Except reach further and grab the edge on the other side, by reaching all the way under the board. This is impossible to Stiffy but you can pull a Method out if it. Be careful to not dislocate your elbow in the proccess. Land it and ride away, adoring the applause from your friends.

The 180

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
I know that you're thinking, "Saying 'stay balanced' isn't good enough information! I always end up falling over on 180s!" Well, I learned that I crashed 180s by falling on my ass every time. So this is a detailed explanation for the respectable 180 for beginners.
1. go off the jump.
2. just turn. That's the easy part.
3. Lean forward!
4. Land, letting your knees bend to obsorb the shock.
Use this when doing 540s, 900s, and even 1260s.

The Crossbone

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
To do a crossbone, find an average jump. Go off it and grab behind your front foot. Then pull the board vertical, still facing forward. Then stomp the ground as you land

The Shifty Grab

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
This one is a good grab for amatuers. I call it the shifty grab. Go off a jump at a reasonable enough pace, then do a backside shifty once off the jump. for those of you who don't know what a shifty is, ya do a 90 degree turn beackside or frontside, then turn 90 degrees again in the opposite direction, turning your body the opposite way you turned your board the entire time. Anyway, do a backside shifty and grab behind your back foot with your front hand. This is easy to do and looks pretty cool. Add a spin to this for praise from strangers.
The Flying Squirrel

Submiter: Ivan Eisanburg
1. Go off a large jump.
2. With you rear hand grab the heelside edge right next to the rear binding. Also do this with your front hand, and the front heel edge by the binding.
3 .Straighten out and stomp it!

The Frontside Rodeo 5

Submiter: Wes
1. Get your s#!t together in your mind
2. If you do not commit you will hurt yourself
3. Picture yourself doing the trick, and how it will feel in the air
4. Get the balls to do it. (remember commit)
5. Find a nice wu tang size booter, cause your gonna need air for this trick
6. Get lots of speed as you aproch the jump
7. Carve pretty hard off your toe edge. Not to hard that you throw yourself off the side of the hit.
8. Lean into it and throw your back sholder down and grab indy
9. As you do that look over your front sholder at the sky.
10. Hold that grab, and dont open up or you'll just cork yourself and land on your side hard
11. Keep looking over your sholder till you can spot your landing
12. As you come around for your landing open and slow the rotaion
13. Stomp yah landing
14. If this trick dont get the girls. I dunno what will. Peace Wes

The Lien Air

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
If you grab behind your front foot with your front hand is a Lien Air.

The Impossible Grab

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
This is a Grab I invented called the Impossible. It's like the Shifty Grab but way more turning involved. Go off a jump, and do a backside shifty. Then, this is the hard part, twist your body around all the way and grab behind your back foot with your back hand. This is hard as hell to hold. But it looks confusing if you wear dark clothes.

The Stiffy Nosebone

Submiter: ZiLLa AllMiGhTy
I know some people who do this trick on accident. I call it a Stiffy Nosebone. Get a good enough jump to do at least a 540. Then go off it and pull a Stiffy. Pull in your back knee a bit and tilt the board. It doesn't look too good but you feel good doing it.

Toe Grab

Submiter: PunkRockerOYN
here is a simple trick for starters, or for the hell of it.
Toe Grab- Its like an Indy, but grab either toe in the air.
Toe-X-Up- Grab your left toe with ur right hand, and grab your right toe with ur left hand. Making an X. This is actually pretty difficult.
Grundel Grab- Grab your Grundel in the air.

Hawkin Flip

Submiter: Davey G
1.You need a good sized pipe without iced edges (for safety)
2.Approach the frontside wall with good speed
3.Bend your legs a lot
4.Ride up the wall while throughing your right-shoulder down to your left
ankle. Throw in an Indy or mute to sweeten up the trick.
5.Spot your landing and ride away like it's cake.
The Crossbow

Submitter : JOsh WieBE
This is just a trick I thought of in my spare time, I call it the Crossbow. Get a pretty good jump where you can get lots of air. Then go off it and do a lazyboy like you're lying in your bed. Then grab both the nose and tail. Hold that position for a few seconds then quickly spot your landing and stick it riding away smoothly. This trick is hard but looks pretty cool. you will really catch the eyes of people who are watching and if you land it you will be praised.

Submitter : Skater Punk
ok the first thing you need to do to be a good snowboarder is not follow any of the advice that have been submitted by people. as i look at these i see so much CRAP. Over 90% of these grabes or tricks are not ever real. they sound like something that would come out of SSX crappy or some S*)t. Every snowboarder knows that you cant do rodeo and then change your rotation in the process, not possible. You cant grab your tail behind your back with your front hand, it throws you off ballence. I know the kind of kid who rites those tips, they are the dumb ski buss type that never really rides but trys hitting on girls while at the mt. Dudes and dudets, the only tip i have for you is to ride. ride everything and ride with everyone. Everyone can teach you something new.