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new england snowboard group - [email protected] - 02-13-2010

Hello everyone,

I used to contribute extensively to this newsgroup, going back to
1995. I haven't had enough time over the past five years or so, but do
check in on occasion. For those I remember -- Dave R., Neil G., Champ,
and others -- I hope you're still riding and enjoying life to the
fullest! I know I am...:-)

For those of you in New England, USA -- I just started a New England
Snowboard group on Yahoo!


If you snowboard in New England, feel free to join!

btw, I have been snowboarding since 1993 -- in Vermont, New Hampshire,
Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado and California. I'm from New England
and moved back here from Calif. because I like it here best. Not
because we have the best mountains, but overall I wouldn't live
anywhere else. I also have a new snowboard company in the works.

Hope to do more reading and posting here this winter!

(PS, have to post this from Google Groups because is down at
the moment...hope it works.)


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