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Re: question about balance / jumping - Neil Gendzwill - 02-13-2010

sonic wrote:[color=blue]
> i've been boarding for 9 years and feel comfortable getting down any
> slope, but i feel the need to always carve..[/color]

Most riders today use the term "carve" to mean a turn of any sort. Are
your turns actually carves, ie does the back edge follow in the exact
same path as the front edge, leaving a narrow track in the snow?

The reason I ask is because you say:
> whenever i ride flat forward,
> seems like my rear foot tries to go forward putting me off balance.[/color]

which makes me think you are twisting your upper body forward quite a
bit. If your upper body is twisted in relation to the lower, you will
tend to skid turns especially on heelside.

You want to have your body generally aligned with your bindings. This
keeps you neutral on the board both while turning and in the air.
> becomes a lot more obvious when i hit a jump. seems like my body is
> trying to straighten it self to face forward instead of sideways...[/color]

It's a natural thing to want to face forward. If you've got your torso
twisted to the front, that will make it worse.
> i am thinking maybe its my bindings angle.. currently they're at a
> small
> outward angle \ / .. evenly distributed at about 10 on the little
> dial.[/color]

So you're riding what we call duck stance. The "10" means 10 degrees of

If you mostly just turn and don't spend time in the park, you might
consider switching to more forward stance ie where both feet are angled