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Re: anyone recommend good wrist braces? - Neil Gendzwill - 02-13-2010

[email][email protected][/email] wrote:[color=blue]
> i fractured my radius falling back onto my wrist. can anyone
> recommend a good brand of wrist braces to prevent this happening
> again? i will pay a bit more for good quality[/color]

By all accounts, the "No Gomer" wrist guard is the best made, providing
beefy wrist and thumb protection that fits over top of your gloves.
They were originally made by a couple of doctors in Quebec who then sold
their interest to Auclair Sports. You'll have to contact them directly
to find a retailer. Here's the link:


Google "no gomer" to find quite a few glowing reviews/testimonials, and
also frustration that they aren't more easily available.