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new england snowboard group on yahoo - jw - 02-13-2010

Hey everyone!

In anticipation of the coming winter (Northern Hemisphere), thought
I'd throw this out there.

Background -- I used to post here a lot from around 1996 - 2002 or so,
but just got really busy and wasn't snowboarding as much. Posted a few
things past few years, but not too much, just when I have time. "Know"
Champ, Dave R., quite a few others still around.

I'll be teaching snowboarding part-time at Mount Snow, VT this winter
and really am getting everything into place for an epic winter of
snowboarding (and surfing).

So, for New Englanders, last year I started a small New England
Snowboarder group on Yahoo. Not sure how large it will get, nor do I
really care. It's just a few friends and family members now (around 20
people). There are a couple skiers too, which I like (used to race
skis in High School, full time snowboarder since 1993). We talk about
the things talked about here - technique, reports, technology,
forecasts, etc., but all New England. Even non-New Englanders can join
if they're curious about the place snowboarding started in the 1970s


Most of us also surf (and some skate), so you get a little of that

Check it out if you want!

Thanks and pray for lots of snow!!

jw's new england surf vortex
photos - art - words -- all new england!