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Need wide all mountain - freeride board! - skuba - 03-09-2010

Hi Guys,
I have a Lib Tech Mullet 165 (camber, not the new rocker one) that I bought a couple of years ago to ride Pow in Mammoth. The board is so good and rips on the groomers too.
But sometimes I wish it had a bit more flex, were a little shorter, and were a bit more playful. So I started looking for an all-mountain board that I can trust will ride powder up to 1ft. I would keep the mullet just for deeper powder days, 1ft+.

Have been vary curious on the new camber/rocket boards and found some options that have a wide version.

I am 6,1 ft, 185lbs, 12 boot size.

These are the ones I think might work:
- Never Summer Legacy-R
- Nitro Team Gullwing (although i heard some reviews referring to it as all mountain FREESTYLE??)
- Lib Tech Travis Rice C2 banana power - Altough I am worried 26cm of waist width might not be wide enough.
- Nidecker Megalight

Any other suggestions? How do they compare?

I will get one between 161 and 163

I really appreciate your input here.