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tour de france
man i got a job washing the dishes at a resturant, i work with a damn cop!
My hands hurt like Michael Jacksons after an adventure at neverlands witha little boy. oh yeah, i rode my bike into the next city to ride up the ski resorts hill and ride down, it was fun! look at this dude its smiley fac lil'-jon Confusedhiny: take that rewind it back
oh yay that sounds fun...I'll probly get a job at Walmart in a year or two so I can get a car. Or I'll be a waitress at some restaurant, I've always wanted to do that Cool
the wal mart in my neck of the woods scares the poo outta me, it has this weird smell to it, i saw some dude smokin herb in his car in the parking lot. The old people who great me scare me to death. and one day they had a shitty emo song playing over the PA thing, it was good charlett or simple of those crappy sappy emo bands. be a waitress they have more fun
dude gc and sp arnt emo...they r pop
[Image: 6g1wbhf.jpg]
the attitude that snowboarding is fun regardless of pow or rain, big mountain or small mountain, box or groomer
yeah i guess your right, well whatever they are they still blow major chunks in my book
anyway, back ontopic... So there's a Tour of France on? I wounder what's in the tour:p
Dre Wrote:anyway, back ontopic... So there's a Tour of France on? I wounder what's in the tour:p
that was supposed to be funny? Rolleyes
yeah dude its like the warped tour or lalapalooza....french style. they problly listen to french things and eat cheeze....cant go wrong eating cheeze...yum

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