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Snowboard Painting
Looks good tell us how it works when you start riding with it.
[COLOR="blue"]board:2004 Lamar Mecha 138
bindings:2004 LTD
boots: 2005 Marrow Kicks
googlesConfusedcott classics
home mtn: Titus Mtn.[/COLOR]
I am thinking about in the summer of going all out on my board trhge graphics I want to keep it is a elf with a bow and arrow on its back \m/ but what I was thinking is getting some chomellion paint (you know the paint that changes color in light) and also on my tail I was thinking about chrom flakes in either a flame style or a dragon style can anyone tell me what I can use and do for that I am not sure what I am doing yet as I said I am in the thinking process
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