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Have a video? Want free adidas Trade Show exposure?
In an effort to support the grassroots outdoor community, adidas Outdoor is seeking video submissions to be played in our booth at the 2005 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market on Jan 29th-February 1st in Salt Lake City.

All footage received by January 21, 2005 will be considered. Videographers whose entries are chosen will be edited into a loop and receive full title credit. We will not be sending any videos back, so make sure you don’t mail us the master copy. That would be bad. Because we lose things sometimes.

The submission process works two ways:

1. If you’re attending the OR Show, you're invited stop by the adidas booth, throw your video in our DVD player, kick back, chill and swill free beer or a latte all the while receiving adoration from the legions of OR show attendees. Who knows, maybe you'll be invited to some snooty, invite only party. (If so, bring us with. Please.)

2. If you’re not attending, mail your DVD, (complete with video credits and any other pertinent info) to:

Chris Bartell
c/o Nonbox
319 SW Washington Street, Mezzanine
Portland, Oregon 97204
(Call: 503.227.1638 with questions.)

We're particularly interested in raw, rough footage of, but not limited to:

-Mountain biking
-Trail running
-Free running
-Climbing, i.e. rock, ice, tree
-Extreme class 1+/II tubing
-Ocean or river surfing
-Camping, i.e. winter and summer
-Assorted urban mayhem

Looking forward to your submissions. Many thanks, and Have a Nice Day.
Cool....Ohh, Free running. I've been wanting to try that some time, looks soooo fun.
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