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Watch out Viagra!
Quote:Doctors warn of a dangerous new method of cocaine abuse: injecting the drug directly into the urinary tract. Physicians from New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center reported the case of a 34-year-old man who suffered severe bleeding under the skin after pumping cocaine into his urethra. It led to complications that destroyed his penis, nine fingers, and parts of his legs. "They fill an eye dropper or a syringe with a cocaine solution and inject it into the penis," said Dr. Samuel Perry, a professor of clinical psychiatry.
The man had injected cocaine before intercourse in an effort to enhance sexual performance. He was admitted to the hospital because his penis had remained erect for three days, resulting in a painful inability to urinate. The medical term for a prolonged erection is "priapism." On his third day in the hospital, the man's erection suddenly subsided. Over the next 12 hours, blood leaked into the tissues of
his feet, hands, genitals, back and chest. Blood coagulation caused tissues to die over large areas of the patient's body, and he was transferred to the burn unit of New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.
Doctors there were forced to amputate the man's legs above the knee and all but one of his fingers to stop the spread of gangrene. The patient's penis fell off by itself. The man is currently recovering in a rehabilitation facility.

Men who inject cocaine into the penis report that it gives them a sexual high. Drug abuse treatment experts have previously reported external use of cocaine as a sexual stimulant. Cocaine powder is rubbed onto the surface of the genital organs by both men and women in an effort to halt premature ejacuation or improve sexual sensations.

"We report this case to alert clinicians to this new method of cocaine abuse and to describe its rare and previously unreported complications," the doctors concluded.

Some article a friend just IM'd me.
[Image: siglyness.jpg]
people are so....stupid...I actually laughed out loud reading that....thats so sad...
[Image: 6g1wbhf.jpg]
the attitude that snowboarding is fun regardless of pow or rain, big mountain or small mountain, box or groomer
Damn dude that sucks. He had it bad when they cut his legs and fingers off, but then his junk fell off...thats just sad. Theres no point in life after that:p. Lesson learned - Do not inject anything into your penis!
Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
I bet he had to do a handstand every time he needed to go to the toilet. Big Grin
Well I bet that you look good on the dancefloor
Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984
From 1984!

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