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Big Jump?
repins Wrote:my first jump was a 10 footer and when I went off I quess I blacked out or something cause next th8intg I knew I was riding away clean and this dude told me that I pulled something off that he never seen before but for me a big jump is the highest that they can make with it not be messed up

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[Image: bahahacopy0jq.jpg]
snowboarderr.....if I'm right, usually they consider the length to run from the lip of the jump to the knuckle.
I would consider 50ft and more a big jump. I think the biggest i have done is 30 feet trying a 40 this weekend
Wow I posted this thread up many months ago and now it's back. Anyways I think luonthepom is right for the measurements. To go off topic alitle, luonthepom whats the significance of your name. I'm just curious.
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My snowboard is my 3rd leg :glasses:
lol......I've been asked that quite a bit before. and for some us of who have a few drinks and catch a little buzz, they say it looks like "lu on the porn" full name Luis (corny, I know). and our local place is called Pomerelle. so everything is just shortened and its my home away from home :p.
sweet, and clever at the same time. 4 out of 5 stars.
[Image: SnowboardSig.jpg]
My snowboard is my 3rd leg :glasses:
40 or more feet is big to me. I did a 45 footer the other day and it was scary. It was really slushy so I had to bomb the entire hill and my friend says that i cased it by 2 ft. I almost had it!!! I didn't try it again though.
Very well get me some ice cream. But no sprinkles! For every sprinkle I find I shall kill you!!!
sorry to sound good - but a big jump for me is about 50 feet.
i can easily 180 and almost 360 a 35 footer. I've hit only one 50 footer but cleared it with a nice grab. im going to a place in a few weeks with I think 50 footers and i think some bigger ones too.


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