Poll: Top band of the last 40 years
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Nirvana-popularizing grunge
2 10.53%
Green Day-popularizing punk
2 10.53%
ACDC-Honestly hate their vocals but their guitars rock
1 5.26%
Black Sabath-for reinvirgorating rock
1 5.26%
Led Zeppelin
4 21.05%
other-because your choices suck
9 47.37%
Total 19 vote(s) 100%
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Top band of All Time!
If you want you could alway write in you favorite band. I intentionally left out rap and all that genre because I don't consider rap bands "bands" in the true sense of the word but it wasn't because I hate rap (there are some songs I do like)
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Guessing we're doing bands that arnt recent.

I would have to go with any old school punk band. the Ramones probably, The Clash being always being a favorite though.
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I voted Green Day...my fellow guitarists would kill me, I know. They're not my favorite band, but I like them. Green Day has been a huge band for so long, ahve have demonstrated versitality, going from songs like "Minority" to "Good Riddance". They've influenced me a lot, and I don't know about other areas, but here in Hunterdon County, NJ, your a social outcast if you don't like Green Day. And I'm not just saying that, just about everyone here likes Green Day. Nirvana is great too, but I personally like Green Day better.

And I'm really not a classic rock kind of guy. I never got into the Beetles, or Led Zeppelin. I know thats opposite from a lot of other people, but its just not my thing. And I can't stand listening to ACDC, he has the most annoying voice ever.

Of course there can never be the greatest band ever, because everyone has a different taste, I feel that Green Day has been a major player in the rock/punk genre, and I've loved every CD that they put out, including American Idiot, even though it was different and a little more mainstream.
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Im glad people on here respect others views on music and whatnot instead of mouthing off...I voted Led Zeppelin. Why? They were perfect. They were the perfect band. Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones complemented each other so perfectly that it was downright scary. And it came so natural to them. I think the Beatles should be on this list though, even though I consider Zeppelin better than them, they probably are the best band ever, music wise. None of the bands listed would ever be there if it werent for the Beatles.
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Lots of great choices, but I'd have to go w/ the Beatles.

Amy - I totally agree w/ you about the Ramones, too, but w/o the Beatles I don't think punk would have had anything to "rebel" against.

I also love David Bowie's older stuff, up until the Let's Dance album - didn't pay much attention after that.
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Yeah, what about the Beatles? They literally started a revolution. I'd have to say the beatles too.

And surely Metallica should be on there!
Here's some that are on my top list, the Ramones, Zeppelin, Bob Marley and the Wailers, the Clash, the Rolling Stones, Radiohead, AC/DC, The Who, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd...
The Doors or Led Zeppelin. No question.
The Cure- theres hardly a band around today that doesnt draw influence from them...
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Ohh damn it- I just clicked vote but I accidently skipped over Black Sabbath, although I'm not sure I would vote for them. Dream Theater is a combination of amazing skill, and their lyrics are always something amazing. Not sure if I'd pick Sabbath or them- tough choice.
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NYSNC. They were ground breaking.
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Definitely the Ramones.

They singlehandedly brought rock and roll back from the dead.
Dino00235 Wrote:Definitely the Ramones.

They singlehandedly brought rock and roll back from the dead.

Good choice Dino, the Ramones certainly were one of the biggest inspirations of rock today. Hell, my favorite band, The Offspring, have stated numerous times that the Ramones were the reason they started playing together, and even covered a lot of their songs in a Ramones tribute album awhile back.
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I am the Ramones #1 fan....


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