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My 100th post!!!
jjyank Wrote:You're emo. Nobody wants to see your pictures!

haha so true.. they would just be depressing
Shadow Photography

[Image: style7,PerfectCircle.png]
I think we should start a thread and have a hotlinking fest in it.
who ever has their pic turned into a little red cross first looses, and u can carry on until there is a winner....:freak: yeah, i am bored Big Grin
[Image: style2,ass-spc-lord.png]
Excellent idea sir... I'll get right on it
hoorah!! 100th post! Big Grin Ill drink a Sierra Mist to celebrate.
[Image: star-sig.jpg]
Dang, I missed my 100th post by one. HURRAY! MY 101th POST!!!

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