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Front Leg Knee Pain?
Hey guys - just wondering if anybody else here has really pain in their front knee at the end of the day.

I've never had a major knee injury, but on my new board (and bindings) this season my right knee is absolutely killing me (I ride goofy).
I don't know why, I've tried tweaking the angles but it's not helping. If I do lots of moguls I seriously have trouble driving home it hurts so badly.

Thought I might just be out of shape, but I've been about 15 times this season and it still hurts like it did in the beginning. I run 2 miles 3-4 days a week, so I know I'm not that bad.

My board is at a mid range for my weight and height, so I'm not trying to maneuver some huge board or something. Thanks for any tips.
Ride it like you stole it.
Wish I could help! I have the same pain! I'm also goofy and I just rode for about 3 days in a row so I thought that might be it, but after a few days rest I went again and it's pretty constant. I hope someone can help!
I also suffer from the same pain...but then again I just had ACL surgery last year, and an MRI I took a couple weeks ago showed a minor tear in my miniscus cartilage, both of which would contribute towards my knee pain (but probably mainly the torn miniscus)...

I was in Colorado a couple weeks ago with my new setup and could barely make it a whole day becuase of my knee pain. I tried lessening the angle that my foot was at, but it only helped a little bit. BUT, I realized later that my bindings were set on my board in a way that made my stance a lot wider than was natural for me. So I shortened up my stance to around shoulder width apart, and haven't had knee pain since.

Hope it helps.
do you guys jump up on your boards alot. i have pain in mine when i ride(also goofy)but it is when i am jumping off hills alot the wrong way. if you just bend your knees and jump in the air it hurts your knees doing this all night. also it could be the landings on the jumps are wrong or flat and your landing wrong. if you do mogols it's just your knees are not used to the pain of doing moguels on a could also be you tweaking with the angles on the board. hope this helped.
I used to get a pain in my rear knee because I would twist it too much. Now I concentrate on turning both knees out (since I have a duck stance) and I have no problem. As a bonus it also improved my control.

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