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The "Picture of yourself thread"
my girlfriend and I. I love you baby <3

[Image: 455652871_l.gif]

cool kids wear braces

[Image: 455652240_l.gif]

the picture says it all

[Image: 455653301_l.gif]

Extremely gay picture but the only one I have of me snowboarding:

[Image: t133607.jpg]
[Image: untitled11ya.gif]
jam*wil Wrote:I'm definately not liking the way this thread is going... where did you ever fathom that I was emo??? lol.. I publically condemn them, plus you've seen pics of me.


jam*wil Wrote:I double dare you... Oooooh it's peer-pressure now, you can't resist peer-pressure... your efforts are futile, so just give in now.. your only delaying the inevitable.

Hmm. Sounds emo to me :p
[Image: underminebanner.jpg]
lol, go emo, go emo!!
[Image: ffaf01.jpg]

Funeral for a friend rock!!!!! Emo for the win!!!!!
FatePhotography Wrote:lol, go emo, go emo!!
this guys the only emo around here, you should see his wrists...
[Image: style2,ass-spc-lord.png]
jjyank Wrote:Well....

Hmm. Sounds emo to me :p
yeah... well... you're not my e-friend anymore.

But I'm not depressed about it, ya know why.... exactly.
I got some new snowboarding pictures.

[Image: 480857985_l.gif]

[Image: 480859192_l.gif]

I also have a couple other ones of me floating a couple feet above the ground over some powder. Extreme day, mad fun.
[Image: untitled11ya.gif]

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