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New Work
Nothing too great, just seeing what people think of what i did over the last hour

[Image: th_inflamesbwcopy.jpg]
[Image: th_lynncopy.jpg]
[Image: th_Grindcopy.jpg]
[Image: th_shotdowncopy.jpg]

J.A. Cambece
What are these for... the first two look like club-promotion posters!

The only advice I can offer is to point out that on the first poster, the white writing is a little bit hard to read when it's over the lighter parts of the background... Now that I've pointed it out, however, I can't really think of an effective alternative... Possibly a shade of neutral gray like rgb 127,127,127 maybe.

Either that, or consider having the background in color, but very faded... Personally I think that would look the best.
you did that in one hour?? holy. that's impressive. you must just whip it up like anything.
I don't get it...
We stand sideways. We sleep on floors. We get up early and go to sleep late. We've been mocked. We've been turned away by cops that won't have us. We are relentless. We dream it, we make it, we break it, we fix it. We create. We destroy. We wreck ourselves day in and day out and yet we stomp that one trick or find that one line that keeps us coming back.We progress. WE SNOWBOARD


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