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Good beginner setup for under $250?
I like this one better. And it's free shipping too.

any recommendations from this selection here? i'm just interested in freeride and dont plan to do fancy tricks in the future.

so far i'm looking at the ride control... there's not much size selection left for me out there... i'm looking for 153-156cm since i'm 5'8 150lbs.

as for bindings... the missions and the ride lx are the only ones that seem good from what i've read thus far that are remaining.. is it worth it for a beginner to shell out more for the missions?

total for the board and binding + shipping is like $270

boots, i'm going to a local shop some time.
Burton Custom X - Safe to say the best board on that page. But judging from the title of your thread, probably out of the question.

Burton Air - A friend of mine has it and loves it. May be a tad bit on the stiffer side for a beginner, but nothing you can't overcome with some experience with it. It also has a sintered base (as opposed to extruded base), meaning you'll go faster...which may not be ideal for a beginner, but you'll probably want to go faster as you progress.

GNU CHB - As I stated earlier, I believe this board best fits your needs. The only problem is that they're sold out of most sizes.

Ride Control - I've read some good things about this board. Flexy and with an extruded base and seemingly geared towards the beginner snowboarder (

Arbor Formula - I just love Arbor as a company with their "environmental" approach to producing boards. And the word on the street is that their boards are pretty damn sick too. Sick company usually makes sick boards. Not sure if this one follows the rule, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

I'm not too familiar with the other boards on that page. I'll let the other guys help you out with them...
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thanks thai Smile . i'm willing to spend under $400 upon further research for a board/binding/boot package upon further research. i was looking at the air, but was afraid that the 157cm length remaining would be too long for me (5'8, 150lbs).
lapchern Wrote:thanks thai Smile . i'm willing to spend under $400 upon further research for a board/binding/boot package upon further research. i was looking at the air, but was afraid that the 157cm length remaining would be too long for me (5'8, 150lbs).

With your budget, I would suggest a similar setup to what crysler 12 had gotten.

GNU CHB - i would say this is the best board MSRPing at 350 and under. It's a very forgiving board. It has a nice pop to it. Even if you upgrade to a new board as you advances, you can still keep this board and use it as your freestyle board. It's a bit late in the season but if you search hard enough, you might find the size that fits ya for approximately 200 dollars.

Burton Missons - great bindings for the price. It MSRPs for around 180, but I have seen it for sale at 100-120.

This brings your binding/board total to approximately 320.

Now boots is one area you can't afford to be cheap. Now this doesnt mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on it niether. You should go into an actual shop and try on as many pair of boots as possible. Find one that is most comfortable, where it's as snug as possible but it's doesn't cramp up your feet/legs. I've posted on the forum about what the "perfect fit" should feel like. Do a quick research and see if helps ya(i think the thread had something to do with heel lift). After you find the boots that fits ya well, remember brand, model, and size then shop online for it. I would say you would probably spend 130 dollarish(high end estimate) on your boots with end of season discount.

Total would come out to be about 450. If thats over your budget. You can compromise on the bindings...get Ride Lx, Burton Customs or something to that effect. I have seen both bindings on sale for around 80 dollars.

As to shopping online, make sure ya shop ebay as well, there are many local shops around the country that ebays their "overstock" gears. You see sellers with several thousand in sales...they are general a shop of some sort. Check the tips section for our favorite online shops and see if you find anything you like on those sites.

Good Luck shopping, welcome to the sport Smile
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i got the chb 156cm and burton freestyle bindings (all the store had left)... hopefully the bindings hold up well over many uses... they seemed okay on the rental boards...

and i got 32 prions..

they were a lot more comfy than the lashed boots to me.

total was ~$265 before tax at a local shop
Hey mountain high is where i go boarding! What city are you in? I dont know if it helps, or if you already baught a board, but i went to an online company called snowboardsnstuff
They sell through ebay, but the have really good deals on packages for 200-300 bucks for decent boards. I got a ride board with boots, bindings, and bag included for 249 plus shipping, all new stuff. They were also very helpful in helping me figure out what stuff i needed for what i wanted to do, like what size board and style and stuff. Maybe ill see you at mt high!!!

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