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Saddlebag Lake Ride -- Tioga Pass, Mono County
YOSEMITE - Tioga Pass (HWY 120)
Opening Day June 17, 2006

Headed out early Saturday morning to Yosemite. Came in West 120 entrance and headed down to Yosemite Valley. Bridalveil Falls was absolutely spectacular. Headed into around Half Dome and El Capitan. Yosemite Falls was just beautiful as so much water was coming down. After spending some time down in the valley, headed out to east hwy 120. Went through the east entrance station and stopped off at Saddlebag Lake. Attempted to mountain bike up to the lake, but roughly half-way had to stash the bike and hike the rest because too much snow and no "bike chains or paddle tires" for the bike. Saddlebag Lake is just starting to slowly thaw out, but still points on the road up to the lake with 3 or 4 feet of snow (in the shady spots). Many, many streams, creeks, and rivers coming down the road and hills next to the road. As always, hit up the Whoa Nellie Deli at the end of the day, Steak Sandwich, Yum Yum !!!!! Wish I could have spent more time, but it was just a quick long day to play.



[Image: YosemiteFalls3.jpg]

Tenaya Lake
[Image: TenayaLake4.jpg]
:glasses: [Image: lightning.gif]
Those are some awesome pictures dude
[Image: siglyness.jpg]
yeah, those are awesome. I need to go there some day.
[Image: underminebanner.jpg]

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