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Nacho Libre
Has anyone seen this movie? A co-worker let me borrow a bootleg he bought for like $8 at a flea market. The guy is like 45, married with kids and doesn't get out a lot so he's got to buy these god awful copies (someone in the theatre w/ a video camera). Well the copy wasn't that bad and I actually enjoyed the movie (possibly better than Superman). It wasn't the next Napolean Dynamite but a good movie if you want to see a funny story and not put much thought into things. Any opinions?
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Nah, I don't wanna see it. It looks like a retarded dumb movie.

My friend saw it - he said it was stupid yet kinda funny, but not as good as napolian dynamite.
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its so freaking popular here.....I dont wanna see it becuase I hate movies like that, they annoy me to no end! now my freinds are all quoting it all the time and driving me crazy Confusedurprised
I don't know what to make of it, I hated Napoleon Dynamite, but I dunno, <3 Jack Black.... *shrugs*
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