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Anyone know how to get your front or back foot up, I keep tryin but cant get the grab before laanding and it's driving me crazy
just jump as high as you can, and keep practicing getting up high, then once you get that down, you can start the actual grabbing, if you trying to do a nose grab, just push your bag foot down as much as you can and lift your front leg up as much as you can a grab the nose of your board, and dont just touch it, actually hold the grab for like 3 seconds if you can, do the same thing for the tailgrab, push your front leg down and your back leg up and grab the tail of your board, but be a little more careful with the tailgrab so you dont land on your face if you mess up. keep trying as much as possible:p
3 Second jump? Ha ha, sounds tough!
[Image: 23223331689.jpg]
its really hard at first. All it takes is a little practice

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