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Hello everyone! Been away for awhile due to summer fever. Hope everyones summer has been fun filled.

Well I just got back from a long weekend in Ocean City, MD. Anyone ever been? It was my first time and I thought while down there, why not take surf lessons.

Boy was that fun! Difficult but fun. I got up only two waves but trying was a good time. I'm kind of addicted and want to do it again soon, but New England really doesn't have the waves for it, especially CT. So I will not be buying a surfboard soon. Anyone else surf or have tried to?

Well that's all for now..can't wait to ride
Burton Custom '04
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Burton Freestyle Boots '05

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I took a trip to Vancouver Island this summer... my first time. Pretty sure I swallowed about as much sea water as I did alcohol on that trip.

It was fun though, I want to give it another go sometime soon.
New to this forum. Hello Hi,
My name is Mike.
My wife, April & I have a 67 Fairlane 500 we are working on.

It is street legal but needs some tlc to be nice again.
I have been reading some of the posts on here and there is alot of good info on the forum
hey guys.

i'm new to the forum also. gotta reply to the guy who just went surfing. how cool was that? i don't know why, but i've been drying to go surfing lately. can't really see it happening though, because i'm in the north east.

might have to wait until spring break. what's the most difficult part?

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