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Air Confidence
Hi Guys,

I have a Q.

How do you guys mentally prepare yourself when going off a decent size kicker. The problem i'm having is:

1) Freak out before i get to the actual jump and slow down too much and not get enough air to be scared.

2) I get enough air and it feels uncomfortable so i sorta freak out in mid air. land and fall.

I can visualize my jumps but i can't seem to calm myself in mid-flight. What can i do? Do i just keep jumping and eventually i'll get used to the air/height that i'm reaching? There have been several times which i've been able to stable myself in the air and make an indy grab, land and ride away but when i go back up and try again, i seem to fail.

I ride fine off drops and ledges, no probs. Just kickers.
How do i mentally prepare myself for them?
seriously the only advice for you is: ****ing give 'er shit.
Whenever I do something where I'm pushing myself I try to remember it's still all about basics. You need stay soft in the knees edges perpendicular to the fall line and absorb the landing with your legs and midsection, just like any jump. Try repeating those things in your head as approach the jump and all the way thru the landing. That will take your mind off "oh crap too fast, I don't think I can stick this landing," etc.
I would start by hitting smaller jumps first and then move up once your comfortable. all you have to do is understand that most likely all that will happen is you’ll fall on ur ass, in which case your on snow so chances are you’ll be okay.
all I can really say is just do it. its hard I know. I’ve only had this problem with skate boarding (since its done on concrete and wood ) but eventually youll get more comfortable and confident in your ability. Dont try anything fancy or stupid, stay within your comfort level.

another note I know a lot of people use their back foots primarily more than their front foots ( I tend to switch depending on situation ect. like I said I was a skater LONG BEFORE.) I noticed that when you hit the jump make sure that your weight is more forward (at least for me) if your trying to back out and slow down like you said you do chances are your leaning back to far when you hit the jump and it is throwing you off your balance in the air causing you to fall on your ass.
At least from what you said that’s all the information I can give. it may be wrong however it may work for you. its entirely up to you all I can do it tell you my ideas and hope i helped.

I hope I did some good with this long tale.
just keep working on it, and eventually you’ll get over it. and I know exactly how you feel I was the same way on a skate board for a little bit. but like everything in life you’ll eventually get over it.

good luck Big Grin
-Austin/ spreadingthemono.


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