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back on the snow
On 11 out, 08:38, jw <[email protected]> wrote:[color=blue]
> In article <[email protected]>,
> Switters <[email protected]> wrote:[color=green]
> > On Mon, 08 Oct 2007 19:22:09 GMT, jw <[email protected]>
> > allegedly wrote:[/color]
> > > used to post here about my ultimate snowboarding
> > > fantasy of snowboarding Mount Fuji on New Year's
> > > Day at dawn...don't ask me why, just sounded good at
> > > the time.[/color][/color]
> > Champ and I have done the sunrise thing. Overnight at the Refuge de
> > Cosmiques, just off l'Aguille du Midi in Chamonix, in sight of Mt Blanc.
> > Up at 5am, and riding as soon as it was light. Took a short hike, and
> > watched the sun come up in the mountains - amazing experience.[/color]
> Nice! I'm envious, and I'll get over there someday soon. My sister in
> law's family is British and lives in Bristol, England. She's invited me
> over...I'll surf Cornwall, etc. and get down to the Alps as well.
> I used to get a ride withboardon back of snowmobile up to the top of
> MountSnow(not a huge mountain, even for New England, but quite
> serviceable) at dawn every morning when I worked there one winter. Saw
> the most unbelievable sunrises of my life almost every day. Had to get
> to work, but alwasy enjoyed. Didn't really get to take runs til later in
> the day. I dawn patrol surfing quite a lot though! Smile
> btw, New England has some decent mtns. with, some with more 2,000 ft
> (600meter?) vertical. It ain't the Rockies and not even close to the
> Alps, but it can be a lot of fun. For example, see a couple of Jay Peak
> VT pix here:
> [url][/url]
> There's also a huuuuge bowl on Mount Washington, N.H., no lifts,
> hardcare hike and a big party every spring:
> [url][/url]
> It's a couple hour hike just to get to the bottom of the bowl.
> You see, including the great waves we can get, New England ain't so bad!
> Smile
> [url][/url]
> > > -jw ("over 30")[/color][/color]
> > HA! But are you "under 40" :-)[/color]
> I'm not sure....I seem to have lost track around 32 or 33. Smile
> OK, my work is done here for now...must get to "real" work. UGH!!!
> -jw[/color]

Do you want to learn how to snowboard really really well? GREAT!
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