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Re: Custom boots - Any shops in the Bay Area?
Serena wrote:[color=blue]
> I went skiing for the first time in about 6 years last Spring. I went
> to Alta and it was wonderful except for the fact that my boots left my
> feet numb after the first day. I don't remember my feet hurting like
> that the last time I went skiing. I suppose my feet could have changed
> over 6 years but it's not as though I'm a growing child. I do have
> rheumatoid arthritis even though I'm 30. I've had it for 21 years and
> it only limits me from doing the bumps.
> If I want to keep skiing comfortably, I think it might be a wise
> decision to invest in custom made boots. The boots I have were molded
> in a certain area but it feels as though I need something more at this
> point. I live in San Francisco. Does anyone know of a good and
> reputable ski shop where I can find custom boots?
> Thanks. Oh, and I heard on the news that the Sierras are in for a huge
> dumping this weekend. The Bay Area is going to get pummelled with high
> winds and rain and the Sierras will gets lots of snow. Happy Skiing.[/color]

Several points:
1) You don't mean "custom ski boots" - for that you need to deal with
DaleBoot (google it) - you mean "customized" or more accurately "fitted
by a bootfitter."
2) If you're in the East Bay (or even any bay area) you can try
California Ski Works on Gillman in Berkeley for good bootfitting
locally. Avoid chains who hire transient boot salesmen (NOT bootfitters.)
3) If you're in the Bay Area why are you going all the way to Alta to
ski for a first revisit to skiing? We've got some of the best mountains
& snow in the world in the Sierra and it's a lot easier to sort out
bootfitting, etc, if you ski a few days nearer home before a big trip.
4) If you ski North Tahoe you can get your boots from and adjusted by
Cosmo in Tahoe City - one of the best boot-fitters in the world. Does
the local Olympic and World Cup skiers as well as regular humans.
5) Dam right we're getting some snow tomorrow. On the other hand, I've
been skiing fresh more than compact all year even with the slow year -
come on up anytime.
Thanks for the good info. I went to Alta because my dad invited me. I
had the time so decided to join him. I would agree that Tahoe is a lot
closer and sadly, I've been in SF for 5 1/2 yrs and though I've been
to Tahoe I've never skiied there. Now, it looks like I'll be moving
back to NYC in August, so I'm making it a priority to ski there before
I leave.

I thought I would have a better bet finding customized boots in the
city rather than at the mountain since I thought it might be pricier
there and if I need to return for alterations, it'd be more convenient
to find somewhere here in the city. I will start with California Ski
Works. Thanks again.

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