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Re: Scott Classic goggles to begin with?
potato wrote:[color=blue]
> I'm trying skiing and snowboarding out. I'll be renting most of
> the stuff. But have to get my own wear. So is Scott Classic
> goggles ($25, the cheapest I can find) a good starting pair? If
> so, what tint should I go for?[/color]

I use photochromatic goggles, so I never have to make a decision. (Bolle).

If it's super sunny, you're going to want a dark tint. Otherwise, the rose
or amber coloured lenses do well, but you will feel your eyes getting tired
in super bright sun. If you go that path (sensible with goggles, as you'll
use them on cloudy/snowy weather days), stuff a small pair of wraparound
sunnies in your pocket. Then you're covered. Can wear goggs reversed on head
as a headband, or reversed on your neck (goggle bit to the back).
> I will bring sunblocks. But should I also bring a lip
> moisturizer like Chap? I normally don't put anything on my lips.
> But my lips do get dry and chip when it's cold and windy.[/color]

Splash out on a chapstick. Those yellow and red ones are like 86 cents at
walmart. Hell, go crazy, get two.

Don't try to email me!
I'm using the latest spammer/scammer's
email addy.


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