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Boots for flat feet, low instep

"Buckaroo" <No Address> wrote in message
news:[email protected][color=blue]
>I tried on 2 Langes, 3 Nordicas, 2 Tecnicas, 4 Salomons, and a Head. I
>really have a 10.5 C foot, and had a custom orthotic made after plenty of
>measuring ....
> Buckaroo[/color]

Your foot seems very much like mine. Try the Lange Freestyle or Comp series
size 28.5 or 29, they fitted much better than the other Lange's that I
tried. Make sure you put the orthotics in and wear ski socks when you try
on the boots. All the Salomons that I tried were a little too wide, I
liked the padding in their boots though, the others were way too wide.

Dancing on the edge
> On 2008-01-12 23:47:48 -0500, Dan <[email protected]> said:
>> On 1/11/08 9:10 PM, Buckaroo wrote:[color=darkred]
>>> Perhaps you can help ....
>>> I evidently have a very low instep, flat and narrow feet. I'm looking
>>> for a not-quite racing boot - I'm a former high school and college racer
>>> and have been skiing my whole life - I consider myself an expert skier,
>>> but I'm getting older and want a little more comfort that I have in my
>>> Tecnica TNS boots that I've had for about 15-20 years or so.
>>> I've been to a couple of boot fitters (MasterFit U folks and others) and
>>> tried on a number of stock models to get started with modifications. The
>>> boot that was the most comfortable was the Salomon Falcon 10 - well
>>> regarded by the magazines, and I skied the old Salomon rear entry boots
>>> before my Tecnica's. The best thing about the old Salomons was the cable
>>> system that could lock your heel in. They were really uncomfortable, but
>>> nothing fit me better at the time.
>>> At this point, I've been professionally fit (in a 27.5), and skied about
>>> 5 days in the new boots. Seems like they are too large already - my ski
>>> tips can shake several inches without any pressure applied to the boot
>>> unless I crank them down and cut off my circulation. Then I have the
>>> control I want, but I'm pretty uncomfortable. Back to square one ...
>>> Questions:
>>> 1. Should I get the same boot, smaller size? I tried on a 26.5 in the
>>> past and my toes were initially crunched at the end. That said, in the
>>> 27.5, my toes barely touch the ends when standing, and come away with
>>> plenty of room when in a turn.
>>> 2. Should I get a wider boot and crank them down more? I've noticed that
>>> cranking down the Falcon make the boot narrower, as well as decreasing
>>> some of the room over the instep. That can hurt. Should I go wider
>>> (100mm last instead of 98mm) and be a little more comfortable when
>>> tightening?
>>> 3. Should I just add padding? Tongue pads, insoles under the custom
>>> inner sole can take up some room.
>>> Any help/advice appreciated!
>>> Buckaroo
>> How many boots did you try on? When I bought my last pair I tried 15
>> models to find the best fit. Thankfully my foot is not problematic that
>> much besides a high arch. Just like shoes if the the boot is
>> uncomfortable right away move on. Adding padding is not going to help
>> for major needs as the foot needs to be guaranteed stable. Also, now
>> that you're older, your feet might complain more so if you can consult
>> with a podiatrist who is a skier then go that way to get a custom liner.
>> For DYI: see
>> [url][/url]
>> "Have a really narrow foot?
>> Not all, but most boot manufacturers consider the average American woman's
>> foot to be a "B" width and man's a "D" width. One of the most difficult
>> issues to address is the foot with a low instep and arch coupled with a
>> narrow foot. Women "A" and Men "B" or less. The best solution is to find
>> the closest fitting shell possible, replace the stock liner with a foam
>> or silicone liner and an aggressive footbed or orthotic."
>> Good luck!
>> Dan[/color]


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