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Boots for flat feet, low instep
Actually, I'm a men's size 10.5 (US).

I'm going to try a 27.0 this weekend - same shell, thicker liner, and
see what happens.

If you know of a lower volume boot (Skiing magazine had a run down
earlier this year), that's one off from a racing boot, let me know. For
me, the problem is that a plug boot might fit me well, but they are
stiffer than I need at this point, and not at all comfortable.

On 2008-01-15 05:07:51 -0500, "ant" <[email protected]> said:
> Buckaroo wrote:
>> I've been to a couple of boot fitters (MasterFit U folks and others)[/color]
> Don't get dazzled by the MasterFit thing. Some are good, some are salesmen.
>> and tried on a number of stock models to get started with
>> modifications. The boot that was the most comfortable was the Salomon
>> Falcon 10 - well regarded by the magazines, and I skied the old
>> Salomon rear entry boots before my Tecnica's. The best thing about
>> the old Salomons was the cable system that could lock your heel in.
>> They were really uncomfortable, but nothing fit me better at the time.[/color]
> The cable didn't really "lock" your heel in. It just pressed down from
> above. A better way is to get a boot with a shell that approximates the
> shape (and size) of your heel.
> You really want to find a boot with a shell that fits you as well as
> possible. Mods like foamed liners etc are just gimicks to get a boot that
> doesn't fit, to fit. It'll only fit for a while and then all the problems
> will come back. I found my boots by happening on a US ski magazine boot
> "test" that outlined the foot shape each boot was made for. worked a treat,
> I found the boots I was after on display, put them on, and they fit, right
> off the shelf.
> I had them widened because when teaching, you tended to stand about more and
> I needed them a smidge wider. That was it. For normal skiing, they'd have
> not needed mods.
>> At this point, I've been professionally fit (in a 27.5),[/color]
> So you're a men's US shoe size 9?
> and skied[color=green]
>> about 5 days in the new boots. Seems like they are too large already -
>> my ski tips can shake several inches without any pressure applied to
>> the boot unless I crank them down and cut off my circulation. Then I
>> have the control I want, but I'm pretty uncomfortable. Back to square
>> one ...[/color]
> I hate to tell you this, but you should be able to ski without mishap
> (albeit on groomers) with your boots completely undone. This ensures you are
> skiing by being right on top of your feet, rather than hanging off your
> boots. Skiing through the soles of your feet, not through the cuffs.
> If your feet are sliding around in the boots, you'll be more likely to seek
> strength by leaning back, and that'll have the ski tips wobbling about.
> (tale of pain snipped)
> Feet, and boots, come in all sizes *and shapes*. If the boot is the wrong
> shape for your foot, the size changes won't really help much. That said,
> skiing in a too-big boot is very common with skiiers and causes all kinds of
> problems. You need to go on the hunt for a shell that is made for your shape
> foot/ankle/leg. If you're stuck with the boots you got, you can fix it in
> the short term with foamed inners. Pricey, but it's a good fix for a bad
> boot. If you need to get foams done with a boot you're buying in a shop,
> leave and find another shop! The boot doesn't fit.
> The liners (stock standard ones) in my boots are falling apart, but I just
> couldn't see a reason to change them, so didn't. Might one day, maybe. The
> hard shells fit, and the liners are just there for comfort and to help with
> the moving bits.[/color]


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