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Re: can some snowboards be dangerous?
On Fri, 14 Mar 2008 22:31:24 -0700, [email][email protected][/email] wrote:
> i fractured my shoulder yesterday i did it the first day on my new
> snowboard. the board moved really easily and felt very sensitive
> compared to my old ten year old thing, but i never seriously injured
> myself on that. was it me and bad luck or could it have had something to
> do with the board? i am between a beginner and intermediate.[/color]

If the board exceeds your capabilities, it can be. Same with a very
powerfull car or motorcycle. A nice toy in the hands of a well-skilled
person, but a great danger to a beginner.

Anyway, get well soon. A new board can be more stiff than an 10 year old
one and simply need less input to do its moves. So first start feeling how
the board behaves and build up the amount of input you give to it.

Absolutely a board can be dangerous. If you push a lower end board beyond it's capabilities, then bad things can happen. Higher end boards may be to "edgey" and responsive for a beginner and cause them to catch edges.

Good luck with the shoulder, I hope it heals up soon.
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