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Re: Detuning
Jack O wrote:[color=blue]
> I'm kind of new at snowboarding, with about 2 seasons of experience,
> and I got a new board last year - a Burton Custom X. I can ride some
> pretty steep stuff with ease, but often crash and burn when I have to
> ride flat, like on cat tracks. This is embarrassing and dangerous.
> The scariest place for me is at a local hill where there is a tunnel
> that is usually glare ice. If I get the slightest bit sideways in the
> tunnel, I'm in for a body slam when I come out.
> I noticed that my new board has sharp edges all the way around. Will
> detuning the board from the effective edge toward the tip and tail
> help this situation? If so, exactly where do you start detuning?

It might help a little, but really you just need to develop the skill.
Try running it always a little on edge in those conditions. Eventually
you will be able to run a flat base. The trick is to be able to relax
and not put any input into the board, yet be able to react if the
terrain demands it.


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