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Waste oil treatment in vacuum system
Waste oil treatment in vacuum system

The process of recovering MgO · Cao by Si under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum is carried out by silicothermic method. In vacuum engineering, the front stage pump is h-slide valve pump, and the slide valve pump is oil pump. Generally, kk-1 vacuum pump oil is selected. In the recovery process, the dust, water or steam in the pellet will enter the pump cavity, which will emulsify the vacuum pump oil. The emulsified pump oil will damage the seal of the pump and make the vacuum degree of the system not reach the rated vacuum degree. That is to say, the effect of h-slide valve pump depends on the quality of vacuum pump oil.

In the process of pumping, the vacuum pump oil has the characteristics of high viscosity and not easy to shrink, which can seal, smooth and cool the pump. However, after the dust and water (or steam) in the pellet are inhaled into the vacuum pump chamber, the vacuum pump oil is rapidly emulsified, turbid and degenerated, which makes the vacuum pump unable to play its role. The vacuum degree of the system immediately decreases, which affects the recovery reaction rate, and affects the quality and production value of magnesium. In order to not affect the quality and output value of crude magnesium during recovery, the oil must be changed It is assumed that the cost of magnesium production will be affected if it is not treated and reused.

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