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I do sort it by nba 2k21 mt
Thanks! I do sort it by nba 2k21 mt new but I have just been so busy working I haven't had time to really check the subreddit, I love it though!

I contacted 2K service relating to this last week. They insisted they were still encouraging the stadia variation and believed that it was a technical issue regarding my link to their own servers.

I pointed out that their servers can still process VC purchases fine, that the everyday games update correctly (still without upgraded rosters), and this appears to be a problem for a great many stadia players. Crickets since. It is pretty pathetic.

I really believed it would get fixed by preseason... then the onset of the season. Now I am not so sure. Hopefully it does though, because otherwise it played well.

Don't purchase a 2k sport game, they are crap in cheap mt nba 2k21 general, they do not care about its own players/customersthey do not maximize their games and they do not provide it support.Again I concur though so it's not perfect. It is a shame.

I'm blessed to have additional consoles to play on too but bums me out that on top of all the crap 2K pulls they mess up on a platform. I did get the match (after the stadia new user coupon) for $1. Xx so at least I did not lose much except the opportunity to use the coupon on a different game.

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