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top 10 songs to board to
GimmeSnow Wrote:I don't have a list right now, but I wanted to point out a little tip that the rest of you may find very useful... I use my iPod's star-rating system to designate snowboarding tunes. As in, I'll just listen to the entire library on shuffle, and then assign ratings based on what that song would be perfect for...

5 stars = snowboarding (very active, fast-based, up-beat songs)
4 stars = driving, particularly in rain and/or traffic, which usually bums me out (somewhat upbeat, but more happy than angry)
3 stars = hanging out at home, awake and active (basically just awesome songs - I listen to these while boarding sometimes too, if the hill is busy and I need to calm down Wink)
2 stars = background while sleeping, relaxing, or whatever (lighter, fluffier stuff, often girly)
1 star = WTF is this crap? I need to delete this later (either really bad tracks from a CD which I only bought for 2 songs and then ripped the whole disc anyway, or tracks I ripped from an old scratched disc and now the MP3 is totally f'd up)

Whenever I'm driving around in general (ie: not in traffic or rain), I leave the list on full shuffle, or sometimes specifically request songs with no rating just so I can build up the other lists. I do the same at the office. Then, on the mountain, I just fire up the smart playlist which only queues 5-star songs, and I'm good to go.

I think the Zune lets you do the same thing with star ratings. So, yeah, might prove useful.

Interesting. I just have 3 different playlists, one for snowboarding/working out, one for driving, and one for chilling while I'm just hanging out or doing homework.
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i always have to listen to faster music. anything Avenged sevenfold, nofx, bouncing souls, pennywise, rancid, afi, misfits, rise against, thrice
1--avenged sevenfold-unholy confessions
2--avenged sevenfold-chapter four
3--pennywise-**** authority
4--afi-days of the phoenix
5--bouncing souls-the gold song
6--misfits-dig up her bones
7--nofx-its my job to keep punk rock elite
8--rise against-401 kill
10--good riddance- shadows of defeat
JellyDoughnut Wrote:I love you for putting Portugal. The man up there they rick soooo much live!!! i got to meet like half the band too. Chicago is like the best song ever.

lucky. i would love to see them live.

might get to when they're on tour with the fall of troy. because both of those bands are amazing.

chicago is very awesome. i have like everyone listen to it. they just kind of have a blank face, haha.
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the attitude that snowboarding is fun regardless of pow or rain, big mountain or small mountain, box or groomer
if you play this fast and heavy mix going down a hill, bets are on your gonna wrap your head around a tree at 100mph,

system of down - war
Pantera - F***ing hostile
Anthrax- got the time
Slayer- disciple
Sepultura- against
Metallica- the four horsemen
Megadeath- holy wars
Nirvana- radio friendly unit shifter
Mastodon- the wolf is loose
Stompin top connors- the ketchup song
I;m special when it comes to music as I listen to everything... So i'm just listing my fav artists since i've got 60gb of music lol

Tool - 10,000 Days/Lateralus
A perfect Circle Emotive/Mer De Noms
Mudvayne L.D.50/Lost and Found
Johnny Cash Ummm... they're all good American IV/Greatest Hits
Brad Paisley Mud on the Tires/Time Well Wasted
Dilated peoples 20/20; Neighbourhood watch
Jurassic five All J-5 Albums
Rammstein Rosenrot/Mutter/Reise Reise
Eisbrecher Eisbrecher/Antikorper
Mindless Self Indulgence All MSI
Eminem Usually just his real heavy beats shit
D-12 D-12 World is usually the only album i listen to
George Acosta All enough Said
DJ Tiesto Same as above
ATB Same as Above
I also always have Avalanche by Pepper its my warm up song

I just put all of these guys albums on my Ipod and hit shuffle makes for a most interesting session. I just Carve/Freeride here in korea the Terrain park is laughable and the Half-Pipe is way too steep
I like what I do, I do what I like
1.The Red Hot Chili Peppers-can't stop
2.Catch 22-Giving up giving in
3.Tv On The Radio-Wolf like me
4.Wolfmother-Joker and the Thief
5. Mt. Sims-How we do
6.Modest Mouse-Dashboard
7.Daft Punk-Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
8.The Foo Fighters-Hell
9.JET-Put Your Money Where Your mouth is
10.Beck-Ghettochip malfunction (Hell yes remix)
Mt. Hood is where it's at.
bullet for my valentine is by far the best music to listen to while boarding, nothing can beat it.
ARK-TIK Wrote:10) Silhouettes Theme - Locale AM
9) This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
8) Straight Outta Compton - NWA
7) VCG3 - Rx Bandits
6) Intergalactic - Beastie Boys
5) Sex Machine - James Brown
4) L'via L'viaquez - Mars Volta
3) Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix
2) Slither - Velvet Revolver
1) Umi Says - Mos Def

Off the top of my head...

Montell Jordan....... really???
im also gonna have to throw anything rage against the machine on there...i dont know why they just pump me up
jam*wil Wrote:Ummm, you deserve an e-punch to the jaw for not including 'Fire' by 'the sounds' in that list...

so hear you go...

[e-punch] Pwned [/e-punch]

i plead the fifth

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