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Full Version: Just saw "The Resistance"
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Awesome movie....Crazy shit!
memento is one of the weirdest movies i've ever seen...its played in reverse. i was contemplating it for a week after lol

never seen the resistance...whats it about
Its a snowboarding movie >_>
man, that's a really really old movie.. but a damn good one.
Yeah, I figured it was old. But I don't have the cash to buy some videos, I just *mumbles "pirated"* a few videos.

EDIT: My 100th post! Hurray?
Yeah, old movie, I've seen it a while back... still a good one anyway.
Never seen it,but i doubt many people have over in good ol' england
just go on bit torrent and find it
just after the resistance the vids started gettin all every rider dressed all ghetto and shit meanwhie they go punk in their parts. not feelin any of the new vids very much.
oh silly... that's called a riders "persona"... their style if you will. And it's not about the way they dress... It's how they rip, and if you're not feeling any of the new vids, likely, you haven't watched any because the level of riding this year is off the hook... pick up pop, as well as any video by RobotFood (Afterbang, Lame, AfterLame.)
jam*wil Wrote:man, that's a really really old movie.. but a damn good one.

i concur! old but good....
The wildcat movies kick ass too... except for Diary... that kinda sucks.