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Full Version: How much is Gas in your area?
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Stamford, CT - Regular: $3.43
Brodiekiller Wrote:Stamford, CT - Regular: $3.43

$1.12 / litre
it went up 40c in one its around $3.20 (Princeton Jct, NJ)

there are two gas stations right next to each other, one stayed at $2.99 and it went dry in a day. i'm so mad about this, and i don't even have my license yet.

hey! i was just in stamford!
Anchorage Alaska $2.56 a Gallon. And we have the friggin pipeline!!
Upper 2 bucks here in Massachusetts.
goin for $3.00\gal in east TN north of knoxville west of asheville
about an hour away from Erie, PA.

about 3.50 I think. Expected to be close to 5 by next week.

Ridiculous. And too bad about that stupid hurricane.
about 2.99 right now. expected to jump to 3 something tommorow morning. (El Paso, TX)
about $3.07 in oxford CT but ive seen some as high as $3.59
*Shakes fist* I hope thats pronounced mikes-ki!!!

Oh, and there is an Oxford in CT? We got one here in MA too, hell, I'm like 2 minutes from there, I live pretty much rigth on the boarder.
Not to get off topic, but, do any of you live like near lake Erie? Or hear about that private/small plane that went down between Dunkirk(sp?) and Erie? In the lake.

That was a guy that teaches skiing at my area, and his new fiance. Confusedad: He had just proposed while flying over Niagra Falls...And just bought a new house. They were missing....and they just called off the search Confusedad: All they found was 2 seat coushins and a shoe...which actually washed up on the canadian land side.

How sad is that...
94 English Pence Per litre my friends :p
no, its not what your thinkin dirty doug. my last name is polish so it ends in ski, thats all. im not a skier
The highest was 3.09 for premium gas...I'm sorry for people with 3.50 and over *eek*
$3.21 here today. Just keeps going poor, poor wallet Sad
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