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Full Version: The Hot-link contest.
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Okay, so... Thanks to the creative idea from an unnamed source, we are going to have a hot-linking contest in which there are no winners.. only losers. Essentially we will post a picture, the first one which is removed and / or appears as a red x, loses and will be sent a package via UPS containing a bomb.

a big one.

So, let's see some piktars!!!

OMG 4000 pixels high!!!!!:

[Image: flippinbig8co.jpg]

[Image: swastika.JPG]

[Image: ambition.jpg]

[Image: Capture7_2D19_2D2005_2D9.13.40_20AM.jpg]

[Image: fightbling_real.jpg]

[Image: gnome.jpg]

I am the definition of random
[Image: napalm.gif]

[Image: Police%20Line.jpg]

[Image: k03-01-titel-muppets.jpg]
hahaha... well done mate.
[Image: 01.jpg]

[Image: number12main.jpg]

[Image: music_feature4-1.jpg]

[Image: x2wdrunkelmo.jpg]
im sensing a sesame street theme starting
[Image: oscar-figure-01.jpg]


[Image: life032.jpg]
[Image: stoned-elmo.gif]
glassjaws got owned! unless that was the pic you put up!?
Nope... Glassjaw Loses!!!!!
[Image: freeride-gear.jpg]

[Image: 8.jpg]

[Image: nokia_gun.jpg]
[Image: david_onfootedtable.jpg]

[Image: Flash.jpg]
[Image: 54467sYBx_w.jpg]

[Image: 1%20Super%20dog.jpg]
I less than three random.
Fatephotography is out.
Same with Jam*wil. Confusedurprised
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